Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Switching off

I do not want to start a post with a sigh but I just did, I guess. It was just a few days ago I was grumbling about leaving some habits and today it is another one that got me all drenched in guilt. Guilt is a pain! Of a sort.
Social media can be a little addictive, isn't it?

Wait, that is a white lie! Social media is indeed addictive!

I am one of the pathetic addicts who is confessing to my sins, next should be you. I know you know. While they say there are numerous healthy ways to start one's day, I pick to scroll down facebook newsfeed and instagram. While they say it is good to read a book before you fall asleep, I read all the online magazines only because it is free. Actually the last one should be forgiven because printed mags are not for my monthly budget.

Lately I am guilt-tripped by my own thinking. What if someday, I lose all access to the social media? What if the entire online library require a payment? What if I lose my phone? What if there's no electricity for an entire year? Should I just bury myself alive then?

Addiction to internet is very common lately and the number of addicts are growing in number within seconds. We seem like slaves to the social media who don't even bother to have lunch together without constantly checking who updated what. Our lives revolve around our electronic gadgets basically when the true purpose of these machines is to make communication easier. In recent days though, we only communicate with them. Some of us are slowly blending into the socially awkward bunch who feels satisfied as long as they have access to the wi-fi in public places and not bother if only aliens reside there.

I do understand how the society including myself is driven by curiosity and 'thirst for knowledge', but there should be a limit. If we prioritize social medias and what is on the internet, we would someday lose precious moments like laughing together while sharing our meals and run out of memories of  the times we have a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one while looking into each others' eyes. Is that okay with you? I feel disturbed.

Even though I love surfing the net, I prefer cruising with a bunch of lovely friends while enjoying the simple pleasures life offers. As the first baby step to reduce gloating over the numerous webpages which keeps my day going, I am picking up a book, literally a book with printed-pages to read. At least this way I would have an hour or two away from my laptop. My phone? Hmm will figure that one later.

Good luck curing your addiction!
Renuka G