Thursday, October 16, 2014

Painting Rainbows

Life is getting exciting by day. Or maybe it has always been that way waiting for me to notice someday. Whatever it is, I am feeling it now, especially lately. 2014 being the final year of my degree programme the excitement seems to be of all sort. By excitement I do not signify all sweet and lovely things but everything that makes time a sprinter. It is as if you are chasing after the moon. It appears like it is moving with you and you keep running like an idiot,  nonstop. Oh yes I am an idiot! Life has been pretty thrilling leaving no space to stop thinking and I am kind of loving this experience.

It feels like just yesterday, sounds like a cliche uh? Nine months flew by so quickly that I could not recall how. Now that I open my eyes, I have an interview to give my best shot, final amendments to my action research report, exams and goodbye Terengganu. Wow! Even more amazing, how did five years went by?

While I am turning the pages of my life, I can see I am moving a step closer to a very new chapter. The chapter of being a teacher. The chapter full of responsibilities which will add more maturity as I flip through the pages. I am not sure if the end of the current swift exciting chapter would lead to joy or stress, but fingers-crossed.

Till this current moment , I have actively participated  in every decisions, twists and turns of my story. I loved watching myself grow. Recalling who I had been 5 years ago and who I am now, guess I am overjoyed with my current self. The experiences most certainly made me stronger, wiser and everything that I am now. I don't know how the next chapter would begin or end, but I just want to grow.

My principle is simple, be satisfied, be grateful but never settle. It is a great big world to explore with so much to experience, so much to be curious about, so much to learn and I know I won't be the same as time waves by. I believe everything had happened and will happen for a reason, so I am all prepared to be a sponge that absorbs good things and a sieve that filters everything insignificant.

Renuka G