Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The journey continues..

People are defined by their journey. It's
not always who you are that matters but what you have become. How the highs and lows of life changed you. Are you progressing to be someone better than who you were yesterday or you let the world take the remote control to dictate your moves ? Sometimes it's just the journey. The journey in which we weigh our choices, make decisions and do what we truly feel we should be doing. 

I think as time flies by we no longer identify how we looked like ten years ago. We glance through an old photograph thinking am I that person? But at least we have something concrete to remind us. How about the things we have done ? Along our journey the choices we have made might be a blind one ruled by momentary emotions, can we fix them? It might have changed us in some ways , might have brought us to a couple of dead ends and this sole moment is the reflection of everything. Trust me, we are all that we have been through, we are all that we did and we are the authors of people's views and also our own perspective of who we genuinely are inside-out.

The journey is like our body parts, it clings to us. You cannot change your past or rewrite your story. You are your journey. Someday you will look back at the roads you have been through and rivers you have crossed thinking, god, I'm thankful of what I have become. For that, map your journey with the goods and most satisfying choices. Life is the journey, we are the travelers. Plan wisely, take risks yet be kind along the way, embrace the mystery and most of all, enjoy the surprises. 

Renuka G