Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yummy means sweet

I don't know if it is just me or the world, probably just me, who cannot resist sweet stuffs. Be it a tiny bite of the silky melting milk chocolate or a mouthful of sponge cake frosted generously with a smooth buttercream layer, I will be up for it. I love desserts and I do not trust those who says 'No' for them! Yes, I'm a judgmental person of a kind . Come on, it's desserts! 

Probably because my weakness is as such that I have grown too fond of baking and making sweet stuffs. Whenever I come home for holidays, all that is in my mind is the numerous recipes I am dying to try out. So far I have done like dozens and counting. Thanks to my family for always being the awesome and honest critics. For me it's simple pleasure and sheer passion to work with ingredients and food. I have always been curious my entire life so, the science behind things I taste intrigues me .

I hope someday I can learn and master what I am doing by the mercy of google and the cook books the right way, who knows, professionally maybe. I believe dreams are always alive as long as we keep fueling them. I am lucky as far as my career is concerned in some ways particularly in the aspects of time to learn new things. So why not?

Now though my thoughts are all about making a pavlova tomorrow, chocolate chip cookies the next day and finally the red velvet cake on Friday ! 

Sweet lord thank you for all the sweet things !

Renuka G