Sunday, August 4, 2013

You, I know

You know that one quality capable of juxtaposing life next to heaven? It is the ability to endure. The ability of falling on your face yet standing up with both feet firm on the ground. The ability to not let things or emotions dictate you in a way that it cripples you. That quality, it is rare!  If you think you have got it, tears and sorrow must be your long-lost friends. Smiles and laughter must be the new life companions you flaunt. There has begun the awesomeness of yourself and your life. Nah-ah this is not a state you achieve by forsaking someone else’s happiness or taking into your hand decisions to be made only by God. You, the power of evil, I command thee leave by all means. You will never understand ‘good’. I’m only speaking on behalf of good people who could box’em problems and come out strong at the end. Those who know from  which angle to face problem and from which to kick them to grave. Crying and sulking are for high-school kids. When you have passed that stage it is all about a few drops of tears and moving forward towards a solution. This type of people I respect.  Cheers to you if you’re in!

Well, I’m close I bet and I’ll join the awesome-rockers-of-life, soon. Real soon J

Renuka G