Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IntEReStIng !!!!

1. What is your legal name?
Renuka ...

2. How do you say it?
ReeeeeNuuuuKaaaaa!!! gt dat???

3. Why did your parents decide to name you this?
u think i care???

4. What other names were they considering?
ehmmmmmm....*still thinkin*

5. Were you born first, middle or last?
last..spoilt brat!!!..lolx

6. When is your birthday?
9th october 1991


1. Who are your best friends?
sherilyn, fatida, afifi, shila, han nyi..

2. Do you tell your best friends everything or do you keep things from them?
i dun keep "my" secrets 2 myself...

3. Are you friends with an ex gf/bf?
No need all these nonsense.

4. Do friends come before family?
family 1st.

5. Do most of your friends go to your school?

6. Do you have more friends or more aquaintences?
I myself not sure who are my friends and who are my aquaintences. Reallyy hard to find out.

7. Whos the person you have stayed friends with the longest? i dunno..

8. Does your best girlfriend come before your boyfriend?
all equal ma...


1. Name the people you live with:
my family of course...u wan me 2 name em?? u dun..

2. Which parent are you closer to?
my dad!!!!!!!! luv him sooo much!!!!

3. Why?
b'cuz no1 can eva luv me as da way he does..luv u daddy!!!

4. Are you close to your siblings? sis..such an innocent person...

5. Who in your family do you not like so much?
come on they r my family!!

6. Is family your first priority

7. Do you go on vacations all the time?
i would love to but not given much chances...