Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dis is drivin me crazy !!

OMG i jas dunno wat to do now..my dad giv me 2 options FOUNDATION or STPM!!!!..i reli dunno which 1 to choose..hmmmm honestly i'm nt gud at makin decisions..i asked my dad 2 make 4 me as i'm a "daddy's gurl", bt unfortunately he said , "i dun wanna influence you, i can oni guide, u make da decision!!!! durghhhh... wat am i gonna do now..things seems 2 b soo complicated !!!1 cuz its between stpm n foundation..both has its own pros n cons..reli hard!!!!..1 day i feel lyk doin stpm is gud bt da next day i think its better 2 jas do foundation n pursue wif my degree..OMG its jas drivin me crazy..soo cluless ...bt da biggest advantage i hav if i take stpm is that i can stay wif my dad....haha.. i mean i can get wteva i wish, i can spend as i want, i am allowed 2 use da internet even 4 da whole day..c!!!! soo many advantages..bt at da same tym i gotta go 2 a new skul n gt back 2 skul lyf in an extremely diff environment cuz its nt gonna b STABK..dis is wat i am scared da most!!!!...accordin 2 my dad skul lyf is reli fun ..he said dun miss da next 2 yrs of da interestin period....i feel lyk my dad is encouragin me to take it..bt he jas dun wanna leave me wif no option....ehmmmmm reli dunno wat 2 do...i hope i can find da right answer veri soon.............haihzzzzzzzzz..DA MOST IMP THING IS EVEN IF I DO STPM, NO "LITERATURE IN ENGLISH "!!!!!!! A BIG "NO" "NO" VICTY!!!!! i had enough dy...........