Tuesday, December 9, 2008

U Can LiVe 5 YeArS lOngEr !!!..trUst Me In Diz..

U'll live 5 years longer if u...

*Eat CHOCOLATE: people who eat chocolate 3 times a week live 5 years longer than those who say no to sweets-or eat them more often. The reason is probably chocolate's high antioxidant count- it contains even more of these vital nutrients than FRUIT! Jean Calment, who at 122 was the world's oldest living woman, attributed her lomgevity to eating chocolate everyday...

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*Get a MORNING KISS: studies by insurance companies have found that if a husband gets a goodbye kiss from his wife he's less likely to crash his car and likely to live 5 years lomger than men without the SUNRISE SMOOCH..this sounds funny but its true.

*Practise HARA HACHI BU : No. not a martial art, but a tip from japanese island Okinawa. It means STOP EATING WHEN u're 80% FULL.not only does this cut calories, it also reduces stress on the liver and kidneys.

*Become VEGETARIAN: vegetarians live 7 years longer than meat eaters.it could be less fat or more fruit, vegetables and wholegrains in the diet or just karma for being nice to animals..lolx..