Sunday, December 7, 2008

DoStAnA!!!..Da Gay MoVie.......lolx

“DOSTANA is no BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. It’s not a serious take on homosexuality either. On the contrary, it’s a madcap comedy where two straight men pretend to be gays. Although DOSTANA is a mainstream commercial film, it dares to push the envelope in its own way. It brings homosexuality out of the closet, gives it respect and dignity and doesn’t treat gays as ‘abnormal’.”The screen chemistry between the Abhishek-Priyanka-John trio is palpably cozy. Priyanka Chopra looks gorgeous and is perfectly poised in her performance. She never under-acts or goes over-the-top. John has more to show-off than his chiseled physique. He is easygoing in his role of the dominant male. Abhishek Bachchan is splendid in his sissy act (in the initial reels) and even otherwise is impressive. Bobby Deol thankfully underplays his character. Boman Irani is accurate in his gay act though his petty portion was avoidable. Kirron Kher repeats the Om Shanti Om act with precision…” I LOVE THIS MOVIE LIKE HELL!!