Tuesday, February 10, 2015

That day

So what's the whole fuss about? The weekend? 

As Valentine's Day is drawing near, things that are taking place only reminds me of how far I have travelled away from the search for the one. Perhaps my ambitions have consumed the part of me which used to overly sigh over the loneliness and an nonexistent companionship. I think it's just human nature to run from one thing to another.

I was afraid of heartbreaks hence I left chasing after dreams that I know would be feasible. I prefer being in control. Call me a control freak and I would nod in agreement.  Love and relationships are subtle. So complicated that it's hard to see it as an easy experience. People on the other hand are the worst subject to master. It might sound like a surrender-note but it's more of a temporary one.

I'm full of questions which I don't demand for answers anymore. I have too many demands that I won't pen down as I used to. Everything runs in my mind occasionally like an exciting ad playing in between my self-directed play. Maybe I have found the one, maybe not.  Maybe I know what I feel, maybe that's an excitement of a child over a toy. Whatever that is meant to be yours should and will reach you when you are ready to accept it.  For now, my plate is full.

People that I had an opportunity to cross paths with taught me the value of respect and the importance of living a meaningful life. My priorities are different now. If love can still find me despite all the odds, then do delay the journey a little. 

Renuka G