Monday, November 11, 2013

Take a breather

There comes a point in our lives that we close one eye to some things around us. We stop caring who's watching, we stop observing who is doing what, we stop thinking of the what ifs and what nots. We just live life. We throw our hands in the air and surrender.

Not because we are weak. Not because we are afraid. For the reason we choose to take a breather and care less than we used to.

Life begins the moment one realizes both his ability and limitations he has upon his being. He knows where to shine and where to shrug. In actuality, very few things needs our utmost attention. We humans however, have this inborn attitude of dipping a little bit everywhere and anywhere which at the end of the day gets us nowhere.

Sometimes, all we have to do is sit back, and breathe. Too many voices are 'talking'! Too much noise all around! But nothing is 'saying' a thing.

Renuka G