Saturday, April 11, 2009

18 DayS LeFt!!!

OK finally I'm using good's not that good but acceptable. the countdown begins, 18 days left and after that i won't be here anymore. this doesn't mean that I'm going forever . i will be joining INTI-UC, Nilai.

So no more sitting at home , lazing around. i have to start back the daily routine of studying and the new routine of going for lectures and stuff. i really hope my college life will be as good as my high school life. lots of friends, no boredom. most importantly, i am expecting for a good roommate.yeah, we can only expect, you will never know what is waiting for you there. so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. oh god, i can't imagine myself leaving my dad. I'm gonna miss him like hell. may be i should come back once in a fortnight or every week "winks". Nilai is not so far. the journey may take about 2.30 hours. it's not a long journey.hmmm i will go there and decide how frequent i have to come home. I'm gonna do foundation in science. i am clueless about the who programme because i don't know anyone who is doing foundation in science. i heard there will be assignments to be accomplished. i hate this part..ehmmm gotta bear with it though..haihzz