Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reflection on the use of WebQuest in Year 5

Today’s lesson was good. The students enjoyed themselves. They had their happy  faces on most of the time. They were excited to be out from the classroom and in the access room in front of computers. Surprisingly they did not have big issues in using the webQuest. Whenever they had questions they often turn to their friends or me. They could complete all the activities and tasks.

My usual lesson will be in the classroom with me doing all the talking and teaching.  Today I had lesser role. Students were more active today and definitely more excited. There were the use of pictures, videos and online resources present in the lesson. Lesson in classroom will involve group work , today they had individual task which they did with help from their friends.

I feel good and different. It is often very exhausting having to talk and getting the students to be active throughout the lesson. Today lesson went smoothly and it was less tiring.  Plus students achieved the objective of the lesson as well. I think is a good idea even though it was quite time consuming to create a webquest.